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Deep and Hypnotic Techno Arrangement Templates

Deep and Hypnotic Techno Arrangement Templates

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24 Song Sketch arrangement templates in the style of Deep / Hypnotic / Dub Techno.

You may also find these templates useful for other genres such as Deep House, other genres of Techno or other electronic music.

The templates in Deep & Hypnotic Techno are based on three types of song structures (excluding intros and outros):

1. BAB (Drop/Main, Breakdown, Drop/Main)
2. ABAB (Breakdown, Drop/Main, Breakdown, Drop/Main)
3. BABAB (Drop/Main, Breakdown, Drop/Main, Breakdown, Drop/Main)

Song Sketch 2 Template Format.

Note: this is an add-on product that can only be used with Song Sketch 2.0.0 and later.