Song Sketch has been updated for Live 12 / MAX 8.6 – Click for more info on how to update >>


How to access a new version of Song Sketch 2 or Get Trax

To download a new version you can either:

  • Follow the personal download link that you received by email when you first placed your order. Look for an email from with the topic "Your XY StudioTools content". If you cannot find this email, please contact us and we will help you out.
  • Or create an account on to access your order. 

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Upgrading from Song Sketch 1 to Song Sketch 2

If you own Song Sketch 1, you can upgrade to Song Sketch 2 (Pro) for free. To access your upgrade, either use the download link for your Song Sketch 1 order, or create an account on

Email us

We usually reply to support inquiries within 2 hours from Monday to Sunday 9AM - 9PM, Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Common Solutions

If you can't log in to your account

Song Sketch crashes in Live 10

If your MAX version needs to be updated

Error message: "Missing File or Folder"

Device is not loading

Separating Drum Racks does not work

Placing locators / previewing sections does not work

Refund Policy

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